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Normative valide per l'unione europea

Entrematic Italy has always strived to meet the needs of an industry which, alongside a safe and industry-standards compliant product, now also requires to be supplied with the associated documents and information which ensure a correct installation of our automations and their compliance with applicable standards.
Within this scope, this section of our site allows access to cascading usable certifications, as well as to declarations of conformity for each product we sell, and to guidelines and pre-filled forms to produce DIY documents.

1) Quality Assurance system certification to UNI EN ISO 9001 standards

Entrematic Italy S.p.A. Quality Control System has been certified since 1998 by certification body ICIM. At Entrematic Italy S.p.A. we are fully aware that quality of products and services offered to their customers is and always will be a key issue to our success as a forward looking company. ICIM, one of the top certification bodies operating in the industry, has co-operated with Entrematic Italy S.p.A. since we have been in business, by carrying out periodic checks and by ensuring that each stage of our operation complies with the parameters established by the UNI EN ISO 9001 standard.

2) Product certification to MD EU directive

2006/42/CE directive, the Machinery Directive, applies to Ditec products only when automating a pre-existing door or gate (see UNI EN 13241-1 Section 1.3).

3) Product certification to CPD EU directive

89/106/EC Directive, the Construction Products Directive, applies to Ditec products only when installing a complete automatic door or gate (excluding motorised pedestrian doors, and when automating a pre-existing door or gate, which need to comply to Machinery Directive 98/37/EC).

4) Product certification to EMC EU directive

All gate and door automations, including automatic pedestrian doors, also fall within the scope of application of the EMC (Electromagnetic compatibility) directive 2004/108/CE.
To prove compliance with this directive to the customer, a Manufacturer’s self certification will suffice; however, Ditec goes further by supplying their customers with testing reports issued by certified testing laboratories, where Ditec automations are tested.

5) Other certifications

No documents are currently available in this area.

6) Useful information

Ditec is associated with UNAC, the general automations and motorised frames manufacturers association.
Ditec co-operates with UNAC and UNI, the Italian standardisation body, in establishing and developing standards for the industry, both at national and European level.

Links to access testing laboratories and certification bodies working with Ditec.

7) Basic Guide to Standards and Directives

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