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Ditec SMART - Rapid roll-up, full curtain, external motor

Industrial flexible doors - SMART

A technically advanced, highly flexible solution, suitable for a wide range of applications.
has been designed to provide a very functional door, to make installation easier and to allow smooth operation of all its components.
A sturdy and compact supporting structure, DITEC genuine motor and components, brilliantly designed and tested - these are the main features which make Smart a safe and very smart door but, above all, easy and quick to install and practical to maintain and inspect.

Technical features

  • Self-supporting metal structure. 
  • Heavy duty gear motor. 
  • IP55 rated electronic panel complete with pushbutton panel with open-close-stop membrane control featuring an autotest function, compliant with European Directives 2006/42/EC and 89/106/EC. TÜV certified. 
  • Emergency manual opening device complete with operation rod. 
  • Complete range of bottom edges to be connected to the curtain by means of a special extruded anodised aluminium universal profile complete with ACS side runners - Anticrash System: passive edge, electromechanical sensitive edge and SOF self testing safety rib. 
  • Full flexible curtains with provision for window sections or interchangeable modular curtains fitted with unique full width see-through window sections, both made of Class 2 self-extinguishing polyester. 
  • Oven-baked epoxy coating with smooth finish available at an extra charge. 
  • Provision for roll-up roller casing.