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Ditec SECTOR RESET - Rapid roll-up door with self-repairing curtain, counterweights and exclusive electronic safety device

Industrial flexible doors - SECTOR RESET

Sector Reset is the rapid roll-up door for very intense use, fitted with a special and innovative self-repairing system. 
If the curtain is accidentally knocked, pushing it out of position, a simple and automatic opening and closing manoeuvre puts the curtain back in place.

Technical features

It is notable for these important features:

  • Modular counterweight balancing system to guarantee high operating and safety standards
  • Ideal for VERY INTENSE use in the two different versions: - 400 V three-phase motor, standard opening/closing speed of 1.0 m/s - INVERTERmotion device, 230 V single-phase motor differentiated speed adjustment, opens at up to 2.0 m/s and closes at up to 0.8 m/s
  • An exclusive electronic device, the SLE – Safety Linear Encoder, Patent Pending, is available to reverse the motor when closing. The SLE controls the closing speed by means of the side hinge elements, generating the reverse command in the event that the closing movement is impeded
  • Self-supporting metal structure made of hot-galvanised steel with optional AISI 304 stainless steel or painted versions
  • Front motor with protective cover in ABS in a pleasant and exclusive design, with easy and rapid access to quickly check the components
    Semi-automatic release for emergency re-opening (optional) which can be made completely automatic with the APS system
  • Safety photocell pairs are available in an IP67 container and are incorporated into the uprights H 200 mm from ground
  • Barriers with self-testing safety photocells, covering 2500 mm from the ground; the curtain sliding area is monitored by optical sensors which are deactivated progressively during closure (optional)
  • IP55 rated electronic panel, complete with open - partial opening - close - stop membrane push-button panel with AUTOTEST function, in compliance with European Directives 2006/42/EC and 89/106/EC. TÜV certified
  • Passive lower edge made of shock proof material, complete with polyester lining pocket in the same colour as the curtain
  • Pre-cabled, “Plug & Play” doors for easy, fast installation
    Available in four different types of flexible curtain, made of tear-resistant polyester, fitted with special vertical reinforcement strips: Standard, Reinforced, Insulated and Eco
  • Standard see-through PVC window sections (980 x H 300 mm) optional larger window sections (920 x H 1600 mm) sized and positioned according to need (see drawing on the back)
  • Standard vertical reinforcement and thickening strips
  • Possible addition of standard silkscreen prints (L max 400 x H max 800 mm) and partial (L max 2000 x H max 2000 mm) or total digital prints (L max 2300 x H unlimited)