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Ditec SECTOR - Rapid roll-up, full curtain and counterweights

Industrial flexible doors - SECTOR

A fully featured and practical solution.
When handling vehicles require frequent crossings, heavy duty, compact size rapid doors are required.
Sector rapid roll-up doors not only meet these requirements, but also feature a fully coated frame housing the motor, the control and safety devices and the balancing systems.
In addition to being good value for money, Sector doors also boast a high level of flexibility, ensured by the structure and by the availability of several designs.

Technical features

  • Compact hot galvanised steel or fine satin finish AISI 304 stainless steel structure 
  • Reduced size structure, specially in height 
  • The self supporting casing, fitted on suitable vertical uprights, makes door installation easy and houses and protects all moving parts 
  • The optional automatic antipanic device allows, in the event of a power cut, the curtain to be reopened by using the counterweights

Other features

  • Reliable modular counterweighted balancing system 
  • IP55 rated electronic panel complete with pushbutton panel with open-close-stop membrane control featuring an autotest function, compliant with European Directives 2006/42/EC and 89/106/EC. TÜV certified
  • Emergency release system 
  • Polarised quick wiring 
  • 3-phase motor for heavy duty operation and different speeds, accelerations and braking control system
  • Complete range of bottom edges to be connected to the curtain by means of a special extruded anodised aluminium universal profile complete with ACS side runners - Anticrash System: passive edge, electromechanical sensitive edge and SOF self testing safety rib.