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Ditec TRAFFIC - High-speed folding action, with modular sections

Industrial flexible doors - TRAFFIC

Sturdy, reliable, ideal for medium to large openings.
Traffic doors are the ideal solution for external entrances and can easily operate in the most diverse situations, even in windy conditions or in very low pressure rooms.

Traffic C - Untiring and hard working, with modular counterweights and INVERTER
These doors are the ideal solution for external entrance openings and can easily operate in the most diverse situations, even in windy conditions or in very low pressure rooms.
Powerful, untiring and compact, they are suitable for any application, both industrial and commercial.

The counterweighted balancing system and the INVERTER system ensure high operating standards in terms of performance and safety.
Designed with the BUILT IN system, it boasts a very smart built-in structure housing the motor, the counterweighted balancing system, the control and safety devices and the rapid semi-automatic reopening system.
Over and above its aesthetic value, the automation offers the benefit of protecting all its components from the wear caused by the elements.

Traffic CM - Reliable and safe, with modular counterweights and semiautomatic emergency reopening system
Boasting all the main basic features of Traffic C, it is sturdy and untiring, and is suitable to operate very large external entrances.
It is unique as for reliability and safety, thanks to its motor and its modular counterweighted system with rapid semi-automatic reopening facility.
The automation is also sturdy yet compact in size.

Technical features

  • Hot galvanised steel or fine satin finish AISI 304 stainless steel structure, complete with quick wiring and safety photocells housed in casings suitable for outdoor use. 
  • RAL, oven-baked epoxy coating with smooth finish available at an extra charge. 
  • Heavy duty motor: 400V 3-phase, 0.7 m/s open/close speed, with dual speed option to ensure up to 1.0 m/s opening speed. 
  • IP 55 rated electronic panel complete with open-close-stop pushbutton panel; autotest function. 
  • Provision for a rapid emergency reopening semiautomatic device. 
  • Complete range of bottom edges to be connected to the curtain by means of a special extruded anodised aluminium universal profile complete with ACS side runners - Anticrash System: passive edge, electromechanical sensitive edge and SOF self testing safety rib.