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Industrial flexible doors

Roll-up doors Ditec SMART RESET
Rapid roll-up door with self-repairing full curtainDitec SECTOR RESET
Rapid roll-up door with self-repairing curtain, counterweights and exclusive electronic safety deviceDitec SMART
Rapid roll-up, full curtain, external motorDitec SECTOR
Rapid roll-up, full curtain and counterweights

Folding doors Ditec TRAFFIC
High-speed folding action, with modular sections

Available for Ditec Smart Reset e Ditec Sector Reset

DITEC flexible industrial high-speed doors can easily and simply be used for the most diverse environments, where they ensure safety and efficiency of operation, in full compliance with current standards' requirements. The flexible curtains modular system, which can be quickly folded or rolled up, is a major feature of DITEC flexible doors designed for industrial use. The flexible curtains modular system allows damaged sections to be easily and quickly replaced. The curtains are available in fully see-through PVC or in a wide range of colours: to improve safety at work, allowing a quick and easy access, or to match the company logo colour.