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Sliding doors Ditec OLLY E
For wing weighing up to 80 KgDitec OLLY C
For door weighing up to 40 kg

DITEC door and frame automations are discreet, quiet and versatile; thanks to their simple control systems, they allow both visible and hide-away sliding or swing internal doors, new and pre-existing shutters and blackouts, to be automatically opened and closed. They are suitable for a wide range of both domestic and commercial use. Their great versatility and easy installation allow the customer to find the most suitable automation solution to meet the most diverse requirements. Safety, practicality, versatility and suitability: these are the key assets of DITEC door and frame automations. External frames automation can also be centrally controlled by locating all the control switches in a single area of the house or building. This solution allows all frame opening and closing operations to be intelligently controlled, making daily life easier for the user. This is a real advantage, particularly for older and less fortunate people, who can use the internal control without having to move from room to room or to leave the house.