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Automatic pedestrian doors - CIVIK

DITEC, one of the leading world specialists in automatic pedestrian doors, provides a range of automatic systems meeting all standard application requirements for residential, commercial or industrial environments.

Technical features

The ease of installation and flexibility of applications make CIVIK a very popular automation indeed. Equipped with a special connection system which allows quick installation on glass and wooden wings, the automation can be used with drive operated recessed doors.
The automation is offered as an alternative to OLLY C for application on drive operated recessed doors (increases the door opening).
Can be controlled by means of buttons, radars or other type of contact.
Compact size.
24 V gear motor with built in encoder and control panel.
As well as automatic opening by means of sensors, the automation also allows the door to be opened and closed by means of a gentle pulling action towards the direction of the runner.

Can be supplied as a Plug & Play solution
Sizes can be reduced according to customer’s requirements