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Ditec CUBIC - Does not affect the look, style and smartness of the gate

Automatic gates - CUBIC

Does not alter appearance and style of gate.
Ideal for gates with architectural appeal.

Cubic is an underground automatic system for swing gates.
It is invisible from the outside and provides movement without altering the style and image of the gate.

This is the ideal automation for prestige gates and doors, those of buildings with important architectural features, of historical importance or wherever style, aesthetics and elegance must remain unaltered.

Technical features

Manufacturing features

  • For gates that are opened and closed frequently (CUBIC 6-6V) or subject to heavy-duty use (CUBIC 6H-6HV).
  • The new IP 67 gear motors are housed in a sturdy electrically zinc plated steel foundation casing to increase resistance to weathering.
  • The automation is fixed by means of stainless steel screws pre-built in the foundation casing.
  • In the 110° angle version, rotation takes place by means a lever system, whilst in the 180° angle version rotation is carried out by means of a chain.