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Ditec PWR 50 (NEW) - Innovative actuators for swing gates with wings up to 5 m for residential, condo and industrial applications

Automatic gates - PWR 50 (NEW)

Ditec PWR50 is the new electromechanical operator for swing gate conceived for residential and condo applications. Designed and manufactured to bring you the highest quality, robustness and to cut installation, set-up and maintenance time.

Thanks to the virtual encoder technology, the 24 V DC motor and the use of LCU series control units, Ditec PWR 50 ensures the highest safety, both for installers and end users.

Ditec PWR 50 is available in both reversible and irreversible versions and with or without magnetic limit switches (pre-wired)!

Technical features

Ditec PWR 50 is extremely fast to mount: the actuators are complete with mechanical stops both for opening and closing, pre-mounted and asymmetrical to allow for the finest regulation of wing position; easy fixing to brackets with just one tool; sturdy and pre-drilled mounting brackets; innovative MOUNTING TOOL (Entrematic patent) which helps you saving up to 60% of installation time.

Ditec PWR 50 is long lasting and resistant to demanding weather conditions thanks to its robust aluminum body, sturdy mounting brackets and fixing plates designed to withstand the highest load conditions. Even more, a cataphoresis coating is added to the worm screw to prevent rust and dustproof brushes ensures further protection against external dirt.

This model comes with a removable aluminum cover of the worm screw for easy access to internal parts, quite handy in case of maintenance operations.

Furthermore, Ditec PWR range is fully compliant to current European Standards and has passed successfully corrosion tests (according to ISO 9227) and resistance to UV ray effects (according to ISO 489-2).