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Automatic gates

Sliding gates Ditec NEOS & NEOS +
For sliding gatesu up to 1000 kg in residential applications

Swing gate Ditec PWR 25 (NEW)
Innovative automation for swing gates with wings up to 2,5 m for residential applicationsDitec PWR 35 (NEW)
Innovative actuators for swing gates with wings up to 3,5 m for residential and condo applicationsDitec PWR 50 (NEW)
Innovative actuators for swing gates with wings up to 5 m for residential, condo and industrial applicationsDitec OBBI
For wings up to 3 m wideDitec LUXO
Heavy duty, strong and untiring, for wing up to 5 m wideDitec FACIL - ARC
With articulated arm, to fulfil complex working conditions

Underground gate openers Ditec CUBIC
Does not affect the look, style and smartness of the gate

Industrial Ditec CROSS 18/19
For gates weighing up to 1800 KgDitec CROSS 30E
Strong and powerful, for gates weighing up to 3000 Kg

Safety and practicality start from the entrance of a building: entrances for block of flats and for industrial and commercial sites can be automated by selecting from the wide range of automatic gates DITEC, which ensure long term reliability, style and smart look, and superbly blend in with the style of the gate. From the unobtrusive underground actuators which allow the gate to be operated without affecting its style or look, to the more elaborate actuators, which superbly satisfy any requirement and can be used on modern or classical frames, to gate automations, designed for very heavy duty applications, ideal for industrial sites and communities.