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08/06/2015 | At Campinas-Viracopos airport, you take off and land with Entrematic automation systems

Campinas-Viracopos is the third most important and popular of the airports serving São Paolo in Brazil. It stands about 60 miles from the metropolitan centre, in the city of Campinas, next to the busy Bandeirantes-Anhanguera highway, a communication artery linking São Paolo with the state’s hinterland.

Entrematic welcomes passengers in their numbers through 25 Ditec Rex automatic sliding doors and 25 Ditec Qik automatic barriers installed in an area subject to extremely demanding operating conditions, with a very high daily opening frequency. 

We are in the zone that integrates the security system and the access system for pedestrians and passenger buses.
Appropriate sophisticated safety accessories are obligatory under civil law to ensure travellers’ absolute security.
The Ditec brand automatic pedestrian doors are certified to TÜV’s exacting quality standards and have been rated excellent, capable of effectively meeting all the operational requirements of the Campinas contract.