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04/03/2014 | Ditec Automatic Gates and the Best of German Wine Culture

Famous monasteries, wineries, and historic warehouses, are a testament to Germany's rich wine-making tradition. There are some truly rare and delightful wines to be discovered, such as those of the producer Juliusspital

For centuries, Juliusspital of Würzburg has owned extensive vineyards in the best wine-producing areas of the Franconia region. They work in harmony with nature ensuring sustainable production of prized wines at their modern wineries. With 177 hectares of vineyards, it is the second-largest producer in Germany, and the brand is renowned for the high quality of its products. 

Juliusspital is the home of the Bocksbeutel: a bottle with a particular flat, spherical shape, used today for particularly fine wines.
The company's entrance features Ditec Cross 19 automation, able to power an automatic sliding gate with a width of more than 10 metres. 

Ditec offers a full range of sliding and swing automations for large industrial entrances. From residential buildings to major manufacturing plants, Ditec has the ideal solution for any entrance. Yet this is achieved without fragmenting the range into a plethora of different models, uneconomic to manage and stock. Instead, by carefully rationalising production, we have been able to maintain a relatively compact catalogue with a series of graded models that meet the full range of market requirements. 

The production site at Juliusspital is complete and operational, partly thanks to Ditec, who, through their dealer, helped with the installation of a hugely flexible entrance. This is exactly what is needed for a site where various movement of goods, manoeuvring of lorries and continuous access are all key requirements.