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25/01/2013 | Entrematic makes an entrance

Wednesday, January 16th was a very important day for all of us.
Together with other companies within ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems (the group we are part of), we have created a new organization: ENTREMATIC.
The announcement was made during the BAU 2013 Exhibition in Munich.

ENTREMATIC has an ambitious target: to become the international benchmark for the distribution and installation of automation systems for residential, commercial and industrial doors and automatic gates.
We are now able to offer every professional of our sector multiple advantages and a wider range including the world known brands of our portfolio:

Our strength lies in the ability to offer an integrated range - which will be unique for its completeness and quality - through teams of specialists.
In practice, this means that the contacts and people you turn to when purchasing Ditec Entrematic products will remain the same and through them you’ll be able to access, if you need to, specialists from other ENTREMATIC companies.

With the start of this adventure, we have a whole set of news to share with you.
Starting with the name: we have become ENTREMATIC.
A new, strong name which expresses the potential of a company that wants to become the market leader in automatic entrances.
Ditec, however, will remain and will be the name associated with all our products, as a guarantee of the quality and style which have always distinguished us. And to stress how Ditec remains fundamental to us, we have decided to emphasize its image with a new logo that you will find on all our literature, price lists, internet sites and, obviously, our products.

Then we are going to present ourselves with a renovated visual identity which, through the theme of the 4 arches and the brightness of the colours, represents the strong union of the ENTREMATIC brands and the dynamism of the new company.
Gradually, you will find this artwork in our communications, signs, product packaging, business cards, etc.

Our internet sites are also changing and not only in terms of graphic appearance: we have launched the www.entrematic.com website which represents the access portal to all the products, services and information of Entrematic. From the portal, you can easily access different product sections, one for each of the ENTREMATIC brands. And if you already know what you are looking for and want to immediately surf into the Ditec/Entrematic world, you just have to use the following address:

We will also gradually be presented as ENTREMATIC on the principal Social Media sites such as Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook as well as on the YouTube and Flickr channels.
We pay a lot of attention to the Internet; even in our sector, this platform is leading not only to new ways of staying connected but also of doing business. Because of that, we will continue to develop the e-commerce channel which will make working with us even more simple and convenient.
We already offer the possibility to place on-line orders for our gate automation range and for part of the automatic pedestrian doors line. We’re adding now an innovative configurator software which allows both quoting and ordering Ditec Entrematic flexible rapid doors; then, shortly afterwards, we will offer similar solutions for pedestrian automatic doors and for sectional doors both residential and industrial.

Lastly, we have also introduced new email addresses which identify us even better with our new company. The new email addresses will be similar to:

We are convinced that the launch of Entrematic represents an extremely important moment and an opportunity not only for us but especially for those who, every day, choose Ditec Entrematic products. Because of this we are even more committed to improving our products, the quality of our services and the ease with which to do business with us.