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21/12/2011 | 40 Rex automatic pedestrian entrances for Clinique Métivet, in Saint-Maur, France


The name “Saint-Maur-des-Fossés” doesn’t mean a great deal to many people; this tranquil district and its 75,000 souls, in the department of Val-de-Marne in the Île-de-France region, are seldom front-page news.
Perhaps this is not entirely surprising, as this part of northern France is home to much higher-profile cities: not only Paris, of course – a hive of daily business and political activity, with all its spectacle and boundless energy – but also other important centres like Boulogne-Billancourt, Saint-Denis, Argenteuil and Versailles. Good old Saint-Maur is known mainly as the birthplace of both Vanessa Paradis (the captivating actress, singer, model and face of Chanel – and US star Johnny Depp’s partner) and Raymond Radiguet, a writer of rare talent, who died at the tender age of twenty in 1923 after bestowing on the world that brief yet intense masterpiece, “Le diable au corps”.

Have a quick chat with a local bistro owner or taxi driver, though, and you’ll find that Saint-Maur-des-Fossés folks are really quite happy with their quiet, provincial existence and with their town, which works well even if it isn’t world famous. “Un havre de paix à proximité de Paris” (an oasis of peace near Paris), the municipal website proudly proclaims, and with good cause. Life here is on a human scale, and although the town may lack a few cultural amenities (universities, great theatres or important art galleries), it is only about half an hour from the heart of the capital: a comparable commute with that from certain Parisian suburbs that no one in their right mind would describe as peaceful havens for their residents.

The Clinique Médico Chirurgicale Gaston Métivet, at number 48 Rue Alsace Lorraine, is another source of pride: this is a private facility that works alongside the national health service and was set up in 1947 by a highly respected local physician – Dr Métivet himself – when France obstinately began to pick herself up after the horrors of the war. The clinic has continued to develop ever since, and 2010 saw the addition of a new block accommodating maternity, surgery and outpatient services. Paris may be just around the corner, with excellent underground and road links, but the people of Saint-Maur are still entitled to an efficient, welcoming health centre of their own. Accordingly, the new, improved Métivet clinic now has as many as 7 operating theatres and a hundred beds. Some departments, like maternity and eye surgery (specialising in laser interventions), have gained such a reputation as to attract patients from other centres in the greater Paris area.

A great thing about this place is that, when they updated it to the highest modern standards, they didn’t stop at cutting-edge scientific equipment but also considered patient comfort (all rooms have a private bathroom), the appeal of the communal spaces, and the quality of the supporting facilities. Hence the choice of around forty Ditec Rex models, the automatic sliding pedestrian doors that are tough, easy to install, and excellent value for money.
In a hospital, where stretchers and wheelchairs are often used, automatic doors keep everyone moving and help to maintain hygiene, as they open without needing to be touched. What’s more, the Rex doors are visually attractive, thus contributing to the complex’s smart appearance, and maintenance on them is covered by the installer, under the contract with the proprietor, Antonio Da Silva.

In big cities and small towns alike, then, when a quality entrance is de rigueur, Ditec has the answer; now also in the Île-de-France.