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29/08/2011 | DITEC automatic and sectional doors appear throughout the Romagna riviera, thanks to DITEC Team


On 2 April 2011, the Honorary Consulate of the Republic of Croatia in San Marino was officially opened, in the Tavolucci area. The ceremony was attended by the Croatian ambassador, Tomislav Vidosevic, various representatives of the Croatian and San Marino diplomatic corps, along with a healthy delegation of local businesspeople. There has always been a bond between these two states from opposite sides of the Adriatic, as San Marino’s patron saint (Marinus) was from Dalmatia, in particular the island of Rab, which is now twinned with the San Marino town castle.
The Honorary Consulate is accommodated in the Poliedro civic and shopping centre, one of the most modern and advanced facilities in this tiny state. Have you recognised the automatic doors in the photo? They are Valor doors, one of DITEC’s flagship products.
And DITEC Team, through one of its busy independent branches, is always there for DITEC customers in the surrounding Romagna riviera area, and indeed in the whole of central Italy.

The Team has been doing some sterling work of late. DIY enthusiasts shopping at the Brico store in Cailungo enter and exit through a DITEC automated entrance, a Valor door in this case, too.

Patrons of the Best Western hotel, San Marino, and the Ambasciatori hotel, Riccione, on the other hand, are greeted by a double pedestrian entrance that combines a Volo curved sliding door and a Ten sliding door. Both are reduced in height by just 10 cm, and together, they lend extra elegance to the entrance area and increase the usable space on the way into the hall: a blend of high aesthetic impact and great practicality.

Automatic DITEC doors also feature at the Grand Hotel Primavera in San Marino, both in its chic entrance and in the restaurant, affording convenient access to the kitchens.

And then there are over 40 Paris sectional doors that have recently been installed in three major new residential developments in Cailungo, but the crowning glory is the work completed at the new Palazzo dei Congressi in Riccione, built in 2009 in the town centre, in Viale Virgilio, not far from legendary Viale Ceccarini. 

DITEC Team has fitted 10 Valor automatic doors to the entrances and in two shops in the arcade here at the “multi-coloured chameleon”, as the locals have christened this glass and steel edifice, a monument to high technology and creative inspiration. Its translucent panes continue to change hue by night, with a spectacular play of light conceived by light designer Gianni Ronchetti. The Pala Riccione is arguably the most important emblem of the new town. Developed to boost the local economy, it attracts conference tourism to the town, to complement the more traditional forms of travel, which are well established in this natural tourist setting that is a perennial favourite among Italian and overseas holidaymakers alike for its hospitality, efficiency and good organisation.

When the suppliers were chosen, prior to the construction process, competition was fierce. This is the place to show what you can do, in a premier environment, and only the best have been selected. “It’s not enough to be good, there’s so much competition that, to succeed, you need something really special,” commented Alessandro Bottega, the vastly experienced business manager leading the lean but highly efficient local sales force.

And something special there is, in the form of the professionals in DITEC Team, who have shown their mettle once again here, in San Marino and in the rest of the Italian peninsula, where their long success story just keeps on going.