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02/05/2011 | DITEC automatic doors come to Tours railway station.

It’s only natural that DITEC automatic doors are in demand from airports, railway stations and ports. These secure, robust, practically indestructible automation systems are the ideal way to let frequent pedestrian traffic through, and then close swiftly to keep the air quality inside just right.
It is especially gratifying to work in countries where priority is usually given to domestic products, as choosing DITEC represents a vote of confidence in our brand and our value for money, which is so good that it beats the international and even the local competition.
This is exactly what happened, to give just one example, with Tours railway station. This city, perhaps the best known in central-western France, is the bustling, industrious capital of the Indre-et-Loire department; it has been classed as a Ville d'Art et d'Histoire by the French government and was made a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2000.

Some know Tours as the starting point for a tour of the famous Chateaux of the Loire Valley; some know it for its renowned School of Economics; some for religious reasons, as the seat of St Martin, the bishop who shared his coat with a beggar; others still will recall that the battle of Poitiers, where Charles Martel stopped the Muslim advance in the 8th century, took place nearby.
History aficionados will note that Louis XI moved the capital from Paris to Tours in 1461, and the city remained the permanent residence of the kings of France and their court under Charles VIII, Louis XII and François I (indeed, most of the chateaux in the Loire valley were built in that period). The permanent return of the court to Versailles marked the start of a slow period of decline for the city. This was reversed in the 19th century with the advent of the railway, which made it an important junction and breathed new life into the old centre.

For Tours station – which is still very important even though, as in Britain, road traffic has grown somewhat at the expense of its rail counterpart – six DITEC Valor automatic doors were chosen. These straight-sliding automated doors have cutting-edge technology and are ideal for heavy use.
As the photographs show, the linear style of these doors is a perfect complement even for the old station building with its curved, ornamental period forms.
Our presence in the most important, high-profile places continues to grow. DITEC: now also in France.