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30/07/2010 | DITEC Entrematic automatic doors in the most prestigious hotels in Venice

From the Baroque to the minimalist, history and technology, DITEC installations never cease to amaze!

How would you describe the sheer beauty of Venice?
Joseph Brodsky, the celebrated Russian poet and Nobel laureate for literature, wrote that “the beauty of this city built on water could only be surpassed by building one in the air...”

Besides its works of art and historic landmarks, Venice has many hidden surprises, not least of which are its historic hotels, which are a real treasure trove at the heart of the city.
The great achievement of these hotels, which have always been a meeting place for key figures on the economic, financial and international cultural stages, is their ability to unite the city’s characteristic historical and artistic heritage with a style that is contemporary yet authentic.
In modernising their facilities, which welcome thousands of guests every year from all over the world, the hoteliers have carried out a series of architectural developments to the buildings over the years, combining innovation with restoration (given that for the most part these are grand historic houses).
Clearly, though, given the unique pattern of development in the city, carrying out building work in Venice is no easy task, for various reasons, notably transport, logistics, timescales and permit requirements. Only proven expert craftspeople with considerable experience here in the lagoon know the approach needed to carry out the restoration and renovation work involved in modernising hotel facilities, with due compliance with the regulations and the timescales required by the customer.

Take automatic entrances, for example, which are in great demand in order to facilitate the process of opening and closing doors, which is a nuisance for those arriving with bags and suitcases. A number of hotels have opted not only for the DITEC Entrematic brand – a leader in the automatic door sector – but above all for the consultancy service from an engineer who is acknowledged for his long experience in the Venetian environment: DITEC Expert Gianluca Pistolato, the owner of Sikura Service, specialists in entrance automation with a particular interest in automatic doors.

Most hotel entrances in Venice are accessed from narrow alleys or directly from canals.

This clearly presents a range of problems, from the lack of space for transporting materials and for the actual installation, to the integration of the modern automation systems with the architectural fabric of hotels housed within period residences.

Mr. Pistolato’s professional expertise has enabled DITEC Expert Sikura Service to carry out numerous successful installations in recent years in some of the most luxurious and renowned hotels in the city.

A prime example is the Hotel Palazzo Paruta, a luxury seventeenth century residence near Campo Sant’Angelo, in the heart of the city. No less than three DITEC automatic doors have been installed, one of which leads to the splendid inner courtyard.
In this evocative setting, the visitor feels like they are living in a real Venetian nobleman’s house, in an ambience that exudes sophistication. 

From its Grand Canal location just a stone’s throw from St. Mark’s Square, the historic and majestic Hotel Monaco & Gran Canal welcomes guests with a taste for Venetian traditional cuisine at its own famous and quite superb restaurant, which is now equipped with a DITEC Valor automatic door.
VALOR adds convenience and cachet to any entrance, whilst offering excellent security features and control of inward and outward movements. This hotel has also chosen a Rex automatic pedestrian door, a simple and versatile automatic device which welcomes guests into the intimate setting of the smokers’ lounge. 

Another fairy-tale historic seventeenth-century town house, now the Hotel All’Angelo, overlooking the Rio di Palazzo Ducale, has two entrances with two automatic doors: one at the rear, accessible from Calle Larga San Marco, and the other at the hotel’s private landing point, which enables guests to arrive directly by gondola, passing under the famous Bridge of Sighs.
Over the years, this hotel has been graced by artists of the calibre of Matisse, Braque, Picasso and Guttuso, who have donated a number of works of art to the Carrain family, who have been running it since 1924. 

The area between St. Marks and the Rialto is home to the Hotel San Zulian.
In this atmosphere, where sophistication and informality blend with Venetian ambience and international style, a Rex automatic pedestrian door welcomes the guests who choose this hotel for their stay in the Serenissima.

In a city where space and time are rooted in the past, DITEC Entrematic and Sikura Service elegantly open the doors to the finest hospitality for those who wish to sense and experience the true soul of Venice.