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07/05/2010 | Automatic doors and automation for doors and windows installed at the new LOPS EXPO CASA showroom in Milan

The largest permanent trade fair for home furniture and furnishings that is open to the public was inaugurated in conjunction with the Salone del Mobile 2010. Lops Expo Casa is in Trezzano sul Naviglio, which is just outside Milan. The imposing, multi-purpose building is found in the so-called Golden Mile of home showrooms, on the Nuova Vigevanese.

Lops Expo Casa is an innovative entrepreneurial system that combines all of the activities of the Lops Group, the home furnishing brands represented, and all businesses with an awareness of home and wellness issues. It occupies a multi-purpose area of 8,000 m² and expects to expand to 52,000 m².
In addition to the exhibition of furniture and furnishings by prestigious brands, it also contains Nasce Casa, a space devoted to both refurbishments and ex-novo designs.

A veritable, fully functioning, brickwork eco-friendly house with home automation was "built" inside the "Nasce Casa” exhibition area, located on the second floor of the showroom, and is open to visitors.
The house can only be visited in the company of expert professionals, who will illustrate all the eco-friendly technologies. Moreover, it can even be rented for the night, so that it can be lived in and tried out in person.

“Our eco-friendly house with home automation seems to have been set between the walls of the showroom, almost as if it was lowered from above using a crane and gently dropped on the floor of the building." This beautiful interpretation of a home was proposed by the architect, Fabio Vicamini, who is the creator of this new, truly usable living concept, in addition to being the editor of the Group’s new magazine.
Nasce Casa Lops described his project to guests present at the inauguration, on April 14.
“The eco-friendly house with home automation is at the heart of Nasce Casa itself. It has been designed as a place in which to experience architecture, where designers and customers can enjoy a thrilling journey of discovery in their search for each of those details that can render a home truly tailor-made, as well as being a place where they can physically step into a building that can meet every modern-day psycho-physical need,” continued Vicamini.

A number of partners took part in the project.
DITEC provided a substantial contribution to making the house modern and comfortable. The company automated the home's outer doors, windows and shutters, together with the sliding doors found inside it.

Dok and Radius - two types of door, window, and shutter automation that not only provide greater comfort, but also offer heightened security against intruders - were used to automate both the sliding and panel shutters while particularly attractive automation, even in terms of design, were installed inside the house.
Valor is the automation for telescopic doors. Inside the house, it is used to handle 3 panels made entirely of crystal that elegantly separate the kitchen area - or better, the technological kitchen - from the living area, with very modern results.
Olly is the automation used to control the automatic, retractable doors that lead to the mesmerizing wellness area.
Nasce Casa LOPS provides undeniable proof that DITEC door, window and shutter automation can make your home comfortable, contemporary, and secure.