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05/03/2007 | BIS: the intelligent automatic door in the DUCATI museum in Bologna and the Ferrari Store in Milan

Practicality, safety, high quality, architectural value, passage control and, in air conditioned areas, maximum energy saving: the are the key advantages ensured by our automatic pedestrian doors.
In addition, BIS offers the latest innovations with its new generation electromechanically operated components and its innovative control panel, based on microprocessor controlled logic, which allows adjustments and control operations to be carried out remotely by means of an infrared remote control or a computer, whilst the Door Monitoring & Controlling System (DMCS) controls access through the door.
The highly compact horizontally located cover allows special architectural requirements to be catered for.

BIS DITEC automation, boasting a classy design and leading technology, has now being installed in “sport excellence cult locations”: the Ducati Museum, where the history of this famous bike manufacturer can be relived, and the new Ferrari store, located in Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, right in the centre of Milan.

The Ducati Museum has a total area of 1000sqm and stores memorabilia from the competitions entered by the company in over half a century, as well as a large chunk of the history of the company, which is based in Borgo Panigale and was founded by the Ducati brothers as far back as 1926.
Bis allows the visitor to enter the museum through two separated ways: the first one leads to an area where the bikes are chronologically exhibited in a circular style; the second one is laid out in a parallel manner and features “theme based rooms” exhibiting more detailed information on the company history.

In 2005 Bis automation, designed by the architect Massimo Iosa Ghini, entered the Ferrari world to ensure automated access control of the ninth floor of the Ferrari store, currently the largest in the world, opened by the company to establish a direct link with their fans and to portray the Ferrari image in the main cities in the world.
The design carried out by an architect has added value to the large window frontage by means of some elements of high visual and emotional impact: an automatic door designed by DITEC, an LED video wall and a Formula 1 car mounted on a specially designed steel door frame: metaphorically speaking, the BIS door enhances the feeling of movement and opens a path which turns into a true journey of discovery of the company history.

For DITEC, this was a highly prestigious project: to open the doors for top achievers like Ducati and Ferrari… and get them together - this is the beauty of automation.