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15/06/2009 | Smart Reset: the high performance and self-repairing rapid roll-up door

Ditec presents a state-of-the-art solution for the flexible industrial door industry

Ditec substantial experience in the industrial door industry has allowed the company to achieve yet another breakthrough in the rapid roll-up flexible door industry. These doors, which are designed for high traffic areas, are ideal to be located in areas requiring fast access, both inside and outside buildings.

Smart Reset is Ditec latest new product.
Designed for easy installation, it has been developed to be used in high traffic areas.
A sturdy and compact supporting structure, Ditec brilliantly designed and tested genuine motors and components are the key features which make Smart Reset a safe, essential, simple and easy to fit door.
But there is more.

Smart Reset offers an added benefit, something unique in its product class.
What makes Smart Reset a truly unique door is the provision of a special and innovative system which makes the door self-repairable. With a simple and automatic opening and closing operation, the curtain may be retrieved should it accidentally come off its seating.
In addition to its self-repairing facility, by sliding inside the side hinges the curtain is also very resistant to the passage of air and to wind pressure (up to 120km/h).
Furthermore, the flexible curtains, made of Class 2 self-extinguishing polyester, can also be fitted with windows sections to meet the widest range of operating requirements and, therefore, its safety when the door is crossed.
The curtain is available in a wide range of standard colours, as well as colours on customer's request, to meet different aesthetic requirements which, even in industrial environments, are regarded as important customisable features.

Smart Reset is compact, and has been designed with greatly reduced overall dimensions to allow it to be installed even in sites where space is at a premium.
The new Ditec flexible door is fitted with a hot galvanised steel frame (may also be supplied with oven-baked epoxy coating with smooth finish or fine satin stainless steel finish) complete with galvanised curtain winding pipe and with uprights featuring special self-lubricating sliding guides. In addition, the frame can also be equipped with roll-up roller casings.

Smart Reset is effectively “smart” and technologically advanced.
It can be fitted with an INVERTER system, to control the opening speed, the accelerations and brakings, and with the DSC safety system which reverses the door closing direction when the photocell detects an obstacle near the curtain. The door can also be manually opened by using a semiautomatic device complete with operation rod.

Smart Reset is available in the Basic and Comfort designs to better meet different operating requirements, and is compliant with the strictest national and international standards. Lastly, it can be fitted with a wide range of opening and safety accessories: radio controls, push-buttons, photocells, radars, magnetic loops, selector switches.