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18/06/2008 | Architecturally valuable automatic gates

Several issues come into play when it comes to buying a house: looks, comfort, practicality and, above all, security. Convenience and security start from the entrance.
Cubic 6, the new range of underground automations for swing gates, is DITEC solution which meets this requirement.

Ideal for gates of architectural value, the visible parts of Cubic 6 are unobtrusive and the automation ensures the gate to be opened and closed without affecting its look and design.
This is what makes Cubic 6 the ideal solution for fine gates and entrances, such as those fitted to the finest or listed buildings, or for any application where style, look and design need to be kept unaltered.

The pictures received from the German company Arutor, a true leader in the automatic gates industry, show it is crucial not only to select the correct automation but also to have it installed by a truly professional installer.
Arutor, in fact, has not simply installed the automation, but has also paid special attention to the details.
The surface of the foundation casing cover, for example, has been specially treated to match the colour of the gate and to perfectly blend in with the floor slabs.

Fine and clean looks are combined with the peace of mind of purchasing an automation designed to ensure long term reliability.

Simple and practical, Cubic 6 features an underground electrically galvanised steel foundation casing to increase its resistance to the elements, where the gear motor and all mechanical linkages which operate the gate wings are housed.
This is a highly versatile solution which can be customised to individual requirements:

  • allows the gate to be opened at a very wide angle, up to 180°;
  • combined with DITEC electronic panels, the automation allows the motor to successfully overcome any initial friction caused by bad weather conditions such as ice;
  • can also be used in applications requiring fast access.

Cubic 6, like the rest of our products, has been designed and manufactured in Italy by DITEC and has been completed with safety, control and monitoring accessories fully compliant with all current standards.
The key features of the product are listed below:

  • IP67 rated watertight gear motors and galvanised steel foundation casing; 
  • aesthetically pleasing release system with key and lever which may be operated from both sides; 
  • works even at very low temperatures; 
  • standard opening angle of 110°, optional 180° opening angle with chain; 
  • motor protected by an internal temperature probe; 
  • wing support system on hardened steel ball.

Some of the specially designed accessories are listed below:

  • internal mechanical stop both for opening and closing operations;
  • magnetic mechanical stops; 
  • customisable DIN key.

Cubic 6. Designed to last.