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19/09/2016 | On holiday in Madeira with Ditec automatic barriers

We are in Madeira, one of the two largest volcanic islands of the archipelago, located in the Atlantic Ocean, northwest of the African coast.

Madeira has a variety of attractions: as well as its blue skies and seas and imposing valleys and mountains where the flora is abundant and varied, the island is famous for its wine, artisan embroidery, tropical fruits, and for Funchal, the birthplace of soccer star Ronaldo.

With its relaxed atmosphere and sophisticated lifestyle, the cosmopolitan capital of Madeira is located on the southern coast of the island and is one of the most famous harbours in the Atlantic Ocean for cruise ships.

The Avenida do Infante is one of the best-known streets in Funchal.

Here you will find two Ditec automatic barriers which offer total access security for the apartment complex parking lot, ensuring use only by authorized persons.

Ditec Qik barriers are available with a cabinet in neutral grey made of high-quality steel or stainless steel; the typical Ditec design is distinguished by soft edges, rounded corners and elegantly designed accessories.

Ditec Qik 7EH is synonymous with durability and high performance: it has been tested for over 1 million cycles and has an opening speed of up to 2 sec (90° opening).
The integrated encoder system guarantees perfect safety of use.
The Ditec Qik range is fully compliant with European Directives.

The reliability of Ditec automation systems has made this important project possible in this paradise location.