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15/09/2016 | Automatic Ditec barriers in Davao, in the Philippines, for optimal access control

We are in Davao (or Davao City), one of the most important cities in the Philippines, which in recent years has expanded rapidly and has emerged as a centre of trade, investment and tourism.

In a major housing project, 2 Ditec Qik4E automatic barriers have been installed which give total access security.

Soft edges, rounded corners, high performance and complete suitability for any type of installation environment, the Ditec automatic barrier is the ideal solution for totally secure access control, to ensure use by authorised persons only.

An elegant design, which is also practical and safe, Ditec Qik is built to last.

The pickled plate painted in a metallic colour remains unchanged over time despite adverse weather conditions and gives the barrier a clean look.

The key-operated release lever, accessed quickly on the inspection side and equipped with a cover plate, takes care of emergencies in the case of a power failure.

The aluminium rod is designed to avoid any shearing problems, thanks to the rubber protection at the top and bottom and to the rounded design of the pivot pin.

The rod with its elliptical shape guarantees greater wind resistance and can be fitted with a lighting kit for greater visibility at night.

Ditec Qik: the Entrematic solution to access control problems.