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22/01/2016 | Ditec Valor automatic entrances for the renowned Pangea travel agency

The renowned Pangea travel agency recently opened its first branch in Madrid.

1,500 square metres, conference rooms, an auditorium for cultural events, a cafeteria, and a library area with travel guides and books. In short, it is the largest travel agency dedicated to selling flexible travel packages suited to any type of traveller.
The structure, which required a considerable investment and employs 60 travel enthusiasts, chose Entrematic solutions to welcome all of its visitors.

Which automatic entrances welcome future Pangea travellers?  Chosen from among the most functional and technological models, Ditec Valor T automatic sliding doors are perfect for heavy and continuous use. Reliable, secure and quiet, they are especially characterised by a wide door opening thanks to the telescopic function.

The superior quality of this Ditec brand solution fits perfectly in this high-tech context.

A big thanks goes out to Entrematic Iberia which applied its skills and professional approach in carrying out the project and supplying the product.

Composed of a tight-knit team of expert technicians and salesmen, Entrematic Iberia is always ready to support local dealers with complex orders whenever necessary.