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16/09/2015 | Entrematic and healthcare: our reporting continues

We are in San José, in Costa Rica, in the Rafael Ángel Calderón Guardia hospital

This is a public hospital with 620 beds, and well-equipped operating theatres, and cardiac and intensive-care units. Built in 1950, it was completely renovated in 2013. 

Public healthcare in Costa Rica offers a good service, while private care is truly elite, but with much lower prices than those we are used to in Europe, to the extent that it is a popular “medical-tourism” destination, also for US citizens. 

The healthcare system is recognized as the best in South America, and generally considered, along with Europe, the United States and Canada, among the best in the world. 

Entrematic plays its part in this well functioning system. Among the elements which characterise this cutting-edge hospital structure, are the Ditec-brand solutions.
Sliding Ditec Valor and Ditec Rex automatic doors
Hermetic Ditec Valor HH automatic doors
Swing doors
Automation system for sliding Ditec Cross gates.
60 excellent solutions offered by Entrematic thanks to the expertise of its area distributor.