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Energy saving, 24V gate automation

Energy saving, an ever more prominent term used by the media which is now taking on increasingly wider and more important meanings and implications.
In our modern wealthy society, saving energy has become a duty for each individual and for all companies which care for the life of individuals and communities, not just for today but particularly for the future.

Saving energy is no longer regarded as a mere ambition of inflexible conservations, but is an essential attitude for us all, which aims to use energy sources in a more controlled manner, to reduce environmental pollution, to contain the high costs connected with purchasing energy sources and, ultimately, to repay the environment for all it has always given us so generously.

Entrematic has taken this commitment on board by developing new, more efficient and energy saving products.

Entrematic manufactures 24 V, new generation automation, which still ensure high performance, considerably reduced energy consumption both when in operation and in stand-by, given that, even when they are not being used, still require power supply, for example, to control the detection and safety sensors (photocells and radars).

The new direct current Entrematic automation ensures higher efficiency and performance and, with the same power output, they require a reduced power input.

To give a more practical example of the effective power saved when in stand by, the energy used over by the automation over time when in stand-by mode, is considerably lower (as low as 2 or 3W) the lower the number of accessories connected.
The “reduced consumption when in use”, by using a direct current and high efficiency motor, ensures that, when the automation is being used, the power consumption is considerably lower than the power required by the single phase version, as low as 30% less than the latter. Obviously, as this benefit is only ensured when the gate or entrance door is in use, the higher the daily operations carrier out, the higher the amount of energy saved.
This means that the higher savings can be obtained when the automation is used, for example, for gates fitted to blocks of flats.

Saving energy is not the only benefit ensured by Ditec-brand automation.

The benefits ensured by 24Volt power supply

Energy saving: the low voltage control panels, by controlling the accessories, require a power input lower than the power input required by 220V control panels; this means that, when the automation is heavily used and a high number of accessories are fitted, a good saving in power consumption can be achieved.
Speed adjustments: these functions allow the motors, as well as the frame, to be subjected to lower stresses, whilst the slowdown facility reduces the noise during the opening and closing operations. If adjusted correctly, (as shown in the technical manuals), the required impact values when operational can be met without having to fit active sensitive ribs.
Obstacle detection: unlike 220V systems, this version allows greater control of the current supplied; this benefit, together with the speed adjustment facility, allows us, in many cases, to avoid the installation of active sensitive edges.
Duty achieved: the 24V motors allow us to achieve a higher duty class, which can be class 5 (very heavy duty) or class 6 (extra heavy duty), making them very suitable for automatic gates for blocks of flats and for automatic barriers.
Uninterrupted operation: by installing batteries to supply the power in the event of power cuts, the system allows the gate or barrier to be operated several times.

Ditec-brand new automation, all compliant with European directives, is also fully certified.

All certifications and information can be easily viewed from Ditec Web site.

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